I Did My <i>Homework</i> - YouTube

I have done my homework

I Did My Homework - YouTube How many of you use this grammatical construction -- "I'm done my homework." It is used by virtually everyone in the Philadelphia region, where I'm from, and I had never thought anything of it until a couple months ago when it was pointed out to me that it's not used here in Pittsburgh, where I attend school. Yes, I know about the other ways of expressing this phrase (the grammatiy correct ways). The first conversation uses the present perfect, and the second uses the simple past. Downloads vimeo.com/musicnotesonline/vod_pages Purchase our albums mkt.com/music-notes-llc.

Yesterday I have done my homework - WordReference Forums They sound verbose and unnecessary to me because I grew up using the "I'm done my..." construction as did my friends and everyone else in my community. In the first conversation, the notion that you have been to New York recently is implied, whereas in the second conversation it is impossible to tell when you went to New York. A few days ago I was listening to the radio, in particular to a commercial about Home English, and they were saying "Yesterday I have done my homework.

Sentence construction - Difference between "have done" and "had. My hunch is the same as Guest's who wrote "It looks like a contraction of "I'm done with my homework" and a mix-up with "I've done my homework". I want to know the difference between "have done" and "had done". although other phrases can be added "I have done my homework, so I'm.

I Did My <i>Homework</i> - YouTube
Yesterday I <em>have</em> <em>done</em> my <em>homework</em> - WordReference Forums
Sentence construction - Difference between have done" and "had." />

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