English example sentence I <b>have</b> already <b>done</b> my <b>homework</b>.

I have done my homework

English example sentence I have already done my homework. The done my homework construction involves a form of the word be, followed by the participle finished or done (or, for some speakers, started), followed by a noun phrase. The done my homework construction is a widespread characteristic of Canadian English, and it is also found in the United States among speakers in Philadelphia, Vermont, and New Hampshire (Yerastov 2008, 2010a, 2010b, 2012, submitted; Hinnell 2012; Fruehwald and Myler 2013, 2015). Done, finished, and started as reflexes of the Scottish transitive be perfect in North America: their synchrony, diachrony, and current marginalisation. Browse translated example sentences. This page shows translations and information about the sentence I have already done my homework.

I am done" or "I have done" - English Forums (1) and (2) show two examples of this construction: 3) a. It has not been found in the dialects of the United Kingdom or elsewhere outside of North America. In Susie Jones [ed.] Proceedings of the 2008 Annual Conference of the Canadian Linguistic Association. In Millar, Robert Mc Coll [ed.] Marginal Dialects: Scotland, Ireland and Beyond. On the other hand, some say "I am done my homework" and it sounds fine to native. Everything I have done to/with this program has been a complete failure!

I have done my home work? Grammarly Martin is done his bass tracks and we are ready to start vocals. By the time I am done dinner, I don’t want my side snack. The syntax of this construction has recently been studied in some detail by Fruehwald and Myler (2013, 2015). The done my homework construction may seem to resemble a sentence like I have done my homework. However, the phrase done my homework is actually more similar to adjective phrases such as ready for school because, like an adjective phrase, it can be modified by the degree word all. Aberdeen: Forum for Research on the Languages of Scotland and Ireland, 19-52. Elin is correct, though I would suggest substituting the word "completed" for "done," especially in written form. "I 've done my homework" is OK to.

English example sentence I <b>have</b> already <b>done</b> my <b>homework</b>.
I am <strong>done</strong>have done" - English Forums" />
I <strong>have</strong> <strong>done</strong> my home work? Grammarly

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