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Brandi's Freelance Writing Portfolio Our brains crave images that help translate complicated topics into comprehensible concepts – a perception that makes your job more marketable. Tweet {guest post by Linda Cra} It doesn't matter whether you're writing a novel, an article that's about to be published online, a script for a film or anything else.

Writer's Residence Online portfolio for writers Infographics are excellent for building up your portfolio. Writer's Residence lets writers create a website for their writing portfolio. Share writing samples, create a resume, market your ss as a writer.

How to create an online writing portfolio / Journo Portfolio Oftentimes, those looking for freelancers want individuals who wear more than one hat in the content creation field. You've heard it time and time again you need an online writing portfolio to prove that you're serious about writing. But to showcase the value of your work you.

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